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Episode 6: "Look At Me Now, I'm A Tree!"

Dancning trolls, women with their mouths slit open and things that walk around on their hands while making a "teke-teke" sound. Yup, it's an urban legend episode.

a year ago

Episode 6 - "Look At Me Now, I'm A Tree!" - Show Notes

Episode 6 has Mickey Moused its way here! In this episode, we talk about evil parents, urban legends and some Disneyland!

Turn out the lights and join us.

0:00 - Introductions
1:40 - News
10:56 - French Urban Legends
23:50 - Japanese Urban Legends
41:57 - The "Mental Floss" Outro with an Email
Link to companion photos: coming soon

What is the creepiest thing to ever happen to you?
Suspend disbelief here, it can be anything that has creeped you out even if you don't really believe it!
Send your responses to: [email protected]

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